About Wards Sheds

Born in a wood shop, made to innovate.


Who We Are

With more than 30,000 happy shed owners and nearly 50 years under our belt, Wards still has a burning passion for hand-forging custom storage sheds and living spaces. Whether you need a place to hold your things, a space to work and create, or a place to park the car, your idea is our goal.

We aim is to offer an endless array of custom shed configurations, but in a simple, enjoyable package. Be it for business, pleasure, or general convenience, we strive to deliver the best-looking, rigid shed out there.

A Bit Of History


With humble beginnings, Wards Sheds was born in a small woodworking shop in Kingston, New Hampshire (about an hour north of Boston, MA) in 1966. The idea that a beautiful, hand-made space can be a breeze to get was our foundation; the vast amount of options we created, the walls. While the idea was simple, the quality has shone through, making us a leader in the business. With the best product there is, we thrive on the idea that we can only make it better… Now how crazy is that?

Get the space you deserve. Completely custom, Completely Wards.

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