Warranty Information


Our Sheds Are As Well-Built, And Rigid As Possible.

They are truly meant to last a lifetime. However, we understand, sometimes accidents happen, both on your end and ours.



As a result, we decided to offer the most expansive warranty in the business – for twenty (20) years! While we expect that when we have been gone one-hundred (100) years, all of our buildings will still be standing, acts of God, acts of man, and well… just plain accidents do happen. While we do not cover doors and windows under the warranty (in case of the accidental baseball), we will happily repair or replace any other part sustaining any damage within the twenty (20) year timeframe. Roof shingles, on the other hand are guaranteed to hold up for a minimum of twenty-five (25) years against leakage.



While we try our best to create the best shed on the market, and assure that it lasts a lifetime (and more), unfortunately the warranty is voided on account of natural disaster, unrepairable modification or damage deemed intentional, or general neglect. This policy is subject to change without notice. Ordering and purchasing a shed through Ward’s Woodworking, Inc. means that you understand the above and agree to the policy herein.